About us

Sattar Kala was established in 2000 in Iran as regional trading and distribution arm of an international group who has been active in the Middle East since 1980.

Today, Sattar Kala operates in three main divisions: Chemicals, Polymer Industries, and Oil & Gas Equipment.

Our Vision, Values, Mission, and Operating Principles have been developed to reflect not only our day-to-day work on our core business strategies, but also to guide us through the challenges and opportunities that come along with global expansion and rapidly-changing markets. That explains the reason why flexibility is considered as the main characteristic of Sattar Kala. This feature helps us make appropriate decisions followed by right actions once we face any complicated situations, and assists us to find suitable solutions to solve unexpected problems or crises, both locally and internationally.

We consider our customers as our partners and as such, we improve our mutual relations based on trust and friendship. Professional environment enables us to be aware of our customers' needs and empowers us to satisfy those needs and demands.

For us, customer satisfaction is not a principle, it is a discipline. Sattar Kala is obliged to fulfill the following five points as its remarkable objectives:

  • Personal trust to build confidence and reassurance

  • Technical support to provide know-how and improve productivity

  • Resource support to reduce customers' financial burdens

  • Service level to improve quality and service provision

  • Risk reduction to lower uncertainty in customers minds regarding the suppliers and the products/services provided