Polymer / Resin Producers

This segment consists of Polymer Producers with significant needs for raw material supply, financial and commercial support, supply chain, including terms and schedules of shipment, payment conditions and finally just in time (JIT) management process.

Masterbatch Makers

Manufacturing masterbatches for other plastic producers is the main task for masterbatch Makers. This specific market needs to be supplied by the nearest warehouse in the fastest possible time. Due to its diverse customer’s desires, accurate resource forecasting and planning is not possible for this specific segment. Therefore we do supply their broad range of needs for additives from our local ware houses. Also technical support is what this market normally demands.

Plastic Compounders

Main needs for this segment include comprehensive technical and financial support before and after sales. They also need to have a warehouse nearby, which could supply them as fast and accurate as possible. Compounders always are pioneers in providing new solution to different plastic markets. Therefore they always seek for new additives and niche materials for their new engineered compounds. We are fully capable of supplying this market with most of their needs.